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Our Gainains.com Rater gives you the real-time power to complete a physical damage rating while on location.

We offer transportation physical damage coverage that includes:

  • Instant rate indications for virtually all traditional transportation classes – including a wide-range of unique risks and operations with a less than perfect loss history
  • Coverage for auto haulers and dump trucks
  • New business ventures
  • Coverage up to $1,000,000 in TIV or up to 15 units without additional underwriting requirements
  • Deductible Limits of $1,000/$1,500/$2,000/$2,500/$5,000
  • Coverage for towing and storage (increased limits available), pollutant clean-up, electronic equipment, debris removal, 30 days for new vehicles, tarps and similar equipment
  • NTL available for leased owner operators
  • Trailer Interchange available