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Protect your most important asset… the people behind the wheel. Whether looking to protect a single Independent Contractor or hundreds, we focus on helping drivers get well and return to work as quickly as possible.

Options to suit all types of truckers

  • Trucking Occupational Accident coverage includes medical, disability, death and dismemberment benefits for accidents that occur on the job.
  • Flexible policies offer you a wide range of limits
  • Available for accounts of all sizes
  • Generous disability coverages that help drivers save on out-of-pocket costs
  • Passenger Accident and Non-Occupational coverages on select plans
  • Bundle with other coverages
  • Customize coverages with a variety of options available to provide even more protection: occupational disease, hernia, occupational cumulative trauma, emergency evacuation and more.


If you run a trucking company, this coverage can be beneficial for several reasons:

  • You will be able to offer benefits to your owner-operators for injuries they suffer on the job while under contract to you.
  • You will have protection in the occasional case when, after an accident, an owner-operator tries to make a workers compensation claim against you if there are no other benefits available.
  • Owner-operators will be more likely to contract with you if this benefit is available.
  • You will reduce the likelihood of having a lawsuit filed against you if owner-operators are able to get compensation for illnesses and injuries.