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Gainains.com, provides the platform to produce a competitive rate indication in a matter of minutes with no duplicate entry from our other ratings sites needed. With an extensive list of available commodities, we provide you with the ability to write hard to place risks.

We offer competitive rates for virtually all types of transportation risk with coverages that include:

Limits up to $250,000
Competitive rates on new ventures
All major business categories including refrigerated, auto haulers, hot shot operations, intermodal risks, household goods movers, livestock haulers, and more
Coverage available for debris removal, pollutant clean up, earned freight, newly acquired vehicles, and more.
The Power of an Open Market
Serving a wide array of markets, both international and domestic, we’ll submit almost any cargo liability risk presented through our Open Market Access. Here, our markets are experts in handling risks in need of higher limits (as well as excess coverage), distressed risks, and new ventures, including any commodity/business category. Our markets can handle international drivers, and in many cases, drivers that might otherwise not qualify under normal underwriting guidelines.